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Intern Made $1.82 Million In One Day By Selling Apollo 11 Tapes

A NASA intern earlier picked up something very precious without being aware of it. He then carried it with him for years as he moved all over the nation. Being an intern at NASA when he was pursuing engineering in Texas at Lamar University, Gary George got paid off big time. He almost got paid in the range of roughly $2 Million in one day.

George had a side hobby while he interned at NASA. He would purchase stuff from government auctions and sell them again. In 1973, one day he purchased a truck full of raw used videotape from government organizations. He knew that he can sell it at a huge markup to domestic TV stations, which used old tape so as to save video of their programs.

George spent almost $218 for over 1,150 tapes (almost $981 in today’s era). He then sold 8 of the tapes for $400 and decided to donate the rest of the tapes. Now, last week, during the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, the tapes were sold for a price tag of $1.82 Million.

On a related note, Neil Armstrong, the first human to step on the moon, took several things with him on that historic voyage, comprising a United Nations flag, a US flag, several medallions that were only accessible to astronauts at NASA, and state flags. He also actually kept the original camera in a closet that snapped his moonwalk. And earlier, the personal collection of Armstrong was given for sale in a slew of auctions in his home state of Ohio. Bids were provided by phone, online, or in person.

There are more personal things in the collection, too, comprising a centennial flag from his alma mater, which the astronaut took on Apollo 11 with him.